About our Founder:

Melanie Dingman is the Founder and Owner of Commercial & Industrial Diving Company LLC. (CIDCO).

Growing up in Covington, Louisiana, owner and founder Melanie Dingman grew up around Commercial Diving and always a large group of Divers at the dinner table with her father.

With the tutelage of her father (Mr. Scott Dingman) an industry recognized Saturation Diver with over 35 years of offshore diving experience Melanie gained a great passion for the diving world in general and the underwater environment in total.

Under the guidance of her father (Mr. Scott Dingman) which has been the CEO of multiple Offshore Subsea Service Companies she developed a true entrepreneur spirit.

Melanie understood to attain a leadership position in any industry that she would need a thorough and comprehensive education and to achieve this she attended Nicholls State University, Thibodaux Louisiana and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science and a Minor in Business Administration.

Following in her “father’s” footsteps she has dove feet first into the Diving Industry as a “Best in Class” Woman Owned Small Business.

Even today you may find Melanie enjoying herself on one of the many Bayous in Southern Louisiana near you!



As a fully insured and certified Gulf Coast based diving company, our goal is to provide clients with courteous, highly professional, and affordable Commercial Diving and Salvage services, not only to our clients located on the Gulf Coast, but also throughout the entire United States.

With an extensive background in all facets of Inland and Offshore Diving and Marine Construction, our corporate group of Engineers, Supervisors and Divers bring to the table generations of experience in both shallow (Air) and deep water (mixed-gas) related projects within the Diving and Marine Construction fields

Our expertise covers both the inland and offshore markets, and our company provides a level of safety, service, and client satisfaction unmatched by our competition.

  • Management team has generations of combined experience in the commercial diving industry, both inland and offshore.
  • Logged tens of thousands of commercial dives on inland projects involving water tanks, intakes, and sluice gates.
  • Safety is our top priority. 
  • Maintains safety and quality management systems.

About The Team:

Scott Dingman

Board Member

Scott has over 40 years of diversified experience in all aspects of the underwater contracting industry with over 19 of those years working as a diver up to project managers role and 21 years as a business owner both of which allowed his senior management skills to excel.

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Mattew (Matt) Muddiman

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Matt is experienced in starting up and integrating multiple company operations resulting from M&A activity, running all back-office functions, and exiting three businesses to new ownership successfully completing third party due diligence activities.

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Michael Herrin

 Commercial Manager

Mike started his love with the subsea world in the mid-seventies when he enlisted in the US Navy. He spent most of that time onboard submarines where he was schooled in advance electronic.

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Wayne Seelbach, M.S., CSHP

Vice President – HSEQ

Wayne started his offshore safety work experience in 1975 in BP’s Forties Field. He earned a Master’s Degree in Safety Management from Colorado State University where he attended under a NIOSH Grant after spending four years in North Sea Projects for major oil and gas companies.

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Glenn Posik

Operations Manager / Project Director

Glenn has been in the Diving Industry for 30 years.  With work ranging from Pipeline Installation, Pipeline Removal, Marine Construction, Inspection, Cathodic Protection, Marine Salvage, Project Management, and General Manager of Operations.  As a highly respected manager in operations, safety, and quality continues to make improvements in procedures and policies to produce safer and better projects. 

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Jeffrey Teets

Diving Equipment / Asset Manager

Starting at a young age Jeffrey was always Testing the boundaries of anything and everything. From building radios and computers out of parts found lying around. To build large scale engineering projects from a basis of design thought process to a complete set of fabrication drawings on paper to delivering the complete project.

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Rob Norton

 Engineering Manager 

Licensed Engineer (PE) State of Tx, Fl, Or, USVI

Rob Norton attended the University of Tennessee, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree (1993) in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree (1998) from the University of South Florida.

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Brandon Broon

 Business Development & SubSea Hardware and Wells (SME) Subject Matter Expert

Brandon Broom began his career in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry in 1975 working as a field engineer at Schlumberger Offshore Services after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering.

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Paul Byfield

Sales Manager 

Paul has been in the Diving Industry for 34 years.  Working on projects ranging from lay barge operations, Platform Remediation, Marine Construction, Inspection, Cathodic Protection, Marine Salvage and Project Management.

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Anthony Harjo

Director of U/W Welding
Principal Welding / Metallurgical Engineer

Mr. Harjo has ~27 years of experience as a Welding Engineer, CWI, QA/QC & NDT Inspector, Project & Subsea Installation Engineer.

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Amber Smith

HR/ Accounts Specialist 

Amber’s experience in accounting began when she went to work for an underground utility construction company in Magnolia, TX just out of high school;

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Donald Massey

Legal Counsel

Don has practiced law since 1984, and he has a true generalist’s perspective. As trial counsel in well over 100 trials (mostly jury trials), Don understands litigation.

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